On April 1st, Gina Ciancone (CC’14) presented her work on Green Screen, a passive cooling panel made of agricultural waste used in the slums of New Delhi. The product uses waste as a means to addresses the intractable problems of extreme heat and air pollution while adding beauty to the world. This talk will argue that design must, first and foremost, support the necessities of life: food, clothing shelter. But even here, there are ways to think about improving design as a service and improving the outcome of services, such as nutrition, health, social care, education, leisure, recreation. The Green Screen product has transformed local economies, promoted prosperity, and mitigated human effects on the climate to showcase the influence of designers on today's largest social challenges.

Gina Ciancone is a designer and entrepreneur trained at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Columbia University (CC '14). Her work is based on the premise that art and culture are essential to the future vitality of cities. She is the founder of Green Screen LLC, a breakthrough eco-product that offers a solution to two interconnected, intractable problems of New Delhi, India: agricultural waste disposal and urban heat management, which she has presented at NASA and the United Nations. She has previously worked for the offices of Annie Leibovitz, AECOM Shanghai, and Howeler + Yoon Architecture. Her work has taken her to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE.