The studio major in architecture provides students with the opportunity to explore the discipline of architecture within the context of the College’s commitment to liberal arts. The major is introduced through a series of studio and academic courses that explore the multiple relationships between architectural design, history, theory, and criticism. Students are expected to develop technical skills, design excellence, and a critical understanding of architecture as part of our visual, social, and political history and culture. The major is designed to prepare students to work in architecture and related disciplines or pursue graduate study. Most students take advantage of the resources of New York City and the teaching faculty by working in internships in the city while majoring in the field.

The required sequence of courses begins with two introductory design studios, Architectural Representation: Abstraction and Perception, and the introductory lecture courses, Perceptions of Architecture. The introductory studios investigate space, form, scale, and traditional and experimental systems of representation, and Perceptions of Architecture develops fluency with architectural concepts. Together, these courses provide a foundation of material upon which the major builds.

Architectural Design, I and II are taken in the junior or senior year. The two-semester design studio introduces students to more rigorous conceptual, social, and theoretical study through comprehensive design projects. The distribution of the elective lecture courses is designed to provide students with an exposure to a broad range of architectural history traditions. Senior course work includes a two-course sequence with options for those courses to be senior seminars, advanced elective design studios, or independent research. The curriculum requires that students complement their work in the major with related course work that serves to provide a link between architecture and other social and cultural issues.

Courses in the major, as well as field trips and events for students, take full advantage of our location in New York City. The major is designed to accommodate students who wish to study abroad in their junior year.

Departmental Honors
Senior requirements (a portfolio and research paper from a previous architecture course) are used to award departmental honors. Students must have a grade point average of at least 3.6 in classes for the major. Normally, no more than 10% of the graduating majors in the department each year receive departmental honors.