Digital Fabrication and Printing Equipment


I. Digital Fabrication Equipment

A. The B+C|A Lasercutter 
Only students in Architectural Representation: Abstraction, Architectural Design I, II, and III are eligible to use the laser cutter. Appointments are offered on a weekly basis throughout the semester and access to our appointments spreadsheet is granted directly to all eligible students.

Universal Laser Lasercutter VLS 6.6

Policies + Instructions

Template for Rhino

Template for AutoCAD




B. The B+C|A Cricuts
Students in Architectural Representation: Abstraction, Architectural Representation: Perception, Architectural Design I and II, Special Topics, and Design Futures are eligible to use the DAL Cricuts. At this time, the Cricuts are only equipped to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, and light chipboard (.55 mm).


Cricut Explore One (x4)

Policies + Instructions

Suggested Material Settings 



C. The B+C|A 3D Printers
This semester, the 3D printers are available to approved users only.  Contact the department at if you would like to inquire about using our printers.


Ultimaker 2 Extended + (x2)






D. The B+C|A Hot Wire Cutters
Students in Architectural Representation: Abstraction, Architectural Representation: Perception, Architectural Design I and II, Special Topics, and Design Futures are eligible to use the Hot Wire Cutters, located in the lasercutting room. Students may use them at their desks in the studio, as long as they are returned to the lasercutting room after use. 


Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter (x4)





E. Columbia Makerspace
Columbia MakerSpace is located on the 12th floor of Mudd and is open to all Columbia University-affiliated students. The Makerspace is equipped with a variety of hand tools and specialized tools, including an industrial sewing machine and a CNC embroidery system; a 3Dprinter, a laser cutter, and vinyl cutters; an extensive collection of woodworking tools; and electronics assembly and testing and debugging benches.

F. The Digital Science Center (DSC) in the Science & Engineering Library
The Digital Science Center, located in the Science & Engineering Library in 401 Northwest Corner Building, provides free 3D printing. Additionally, DSC provides a wide range of software to support research and coursework in several science and engineering disciplines. More information is available here.

G. The Barnard College Design Center
The Barnard College Design Center is an open and inclusive studio space for active experimentation with a wide variety of materials, tools, and equipment, supporting the design of objects as well as the pedagogy and learning associated with making. For more information, please visit their website.


II. Large Format Printing

N.B. Large format color printing can be costly so please remember to do a test print in advance (by tiling black and white prints together).

A. The B+C|A Plotter
Each semester, students in a number of courses in the Architecture Department are eligible to use the B+C|A Plotter free of charge for their final reviews. Typically, students that are conducting Independent Study in the Architecture Department or who are enrolled in a junior or senior level design studio are eligible. The department directly distributes instructions and deadlines to all eligible students each semester.


HP DesignJet Z5200 44" PostScript Printer

File Preparation Instructions



B. Columbia Print Services
Columbia Print Services, located in the Journalism School, offers a variety of printing options, including large format printing. More information is available here.

C. Printing Shops + Services in Morningside Heights
The department has researched prices and average turnaround times at a range of print shops near campus. You may view this information here. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. Prices and turnaround times are subject to change so please verify this information with the vendor before you place your order.