Course Applications + Procedures

The following is a list of spring 2019 Barnard + Columbia Architecture courses that require an application. If you are interested in a course below, add the course to your schedule online and attend the first day of class. The architecture department will distribute paper applications on the first day and will sort class lists by 1/23/18. Those who are not offered a spot in a course but remain interested may continue to attend class during the registration period to see if any spaces open up. 

For full descriptions of our courses, please click on the corresponding category under the Courses tab on our website.


ARCH UN1010 Design Futures: NYC: N.B. This course is open to all students but first-year students will be given priority for admission. 

ARCH UN1020.01 Introduction to Architectural Design & Visual Culture

ARCH UN1020.02 Introduction to Architectural Design & Visual Culture

ARCH UN3101 Architectural Representation: Abstraction

ARCH UN3103.01 Architectural Representation: Perception

ARCH UN3103.02 Architectural Representation: Perception

ARCHUN3130 Urban Dislocations and The Architecture of Diasporas

ARCH UN3202 Architectural Design II

ARCH UN3312  Special Topics: TBA

ARCH UN3901.01 Senior Seminar: Architectural Criticism

ARCH UN3901.02 Senior Seminar: Architecture's Global Territories 


Spring 2019 courses that do not require an application: 

ARCH UN3117 Modern Architecture in the World


Any questions about course applications may be directed to