All B+C|A Alumni are invited to submit to this year's alumni show, Co-: Space to Share! Below, please find the call for submissions from our co-curators, Alison Von Glinow (BC'09) and Alana Goldweit (BC '09).

The idea of “co-” is not a new concept, rather it has become our way of life.  Formed by a sharing economy that has intertwined physical and digital spaces of sharing through platforms like Instagram, Uber, and AirBnB, we are participating in an age where space is being re-defined by sharing.  Co-working and co-living environments have changed how we work, how we live, and even how we communicate with one another through collaboration and coordination. Sharing has become a designed commodity - through memberships that encourage the status of belonging to a shared community.  Space to Share is physical, virtual, and digital.   Sharing spaces are re-forming and informing our society.


As the alumni design community from the Barnard and Columbia Architecture program, we are a group of design thinkers, who are contributing to spaces of sharing, whether or not we are directly engaged in the design professions.  The 2018 Alumni Show seeks to embrace both how we are sharing space together and participating in the design of Space to Share.  How have B+C|A Alumni contributed to the design world through the lens of sharing?  How are we as B+C|A Alumni working together to design and contribute to the physical and digital shared environment?  How are we as B+C|A Alumni sharing space together?


Submissions: Due by May 4th, 2018

Your submission(s) can be related to the idea of sharing and “co-” through program (co-live, co-work), process (coordination, collaboration, work-flow diagrams), app-based technologies, and others.  All submissions must be accompanied by 100 words or less answering: What does sharing mean to you? The template for submissions is a square 24”x24” JPEG or PDF at 300 dpi high resolution. Submissions can include speculative work, built work, diagrams, drawings, collages, and photographs - think of what you might upload to Instagram.  Please send your image and text submission(s) to


Exhibition: Thursday, May 31st, 2018 from 6-9pm

Please mark your calendars for the exhibition opening on Thursday, May 31st from 6-9pm in the Diana Center Gallery.  We are planning an interactive and fun evening of reunion with cocktails and refreshments.

We look forward to your submission(s) and to seeing you at the exhibition opening.  Please do not hesitate to reach out for questions.




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